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Welcome to Back to Dragonfly, your friendly Gilmore Girls rewatch community. Once every week, we'll watch a few episodes and gather here to discuss them and go beyond. We have tons of ideas for this community and we can't wait to get started. Please join the community to see the posts, sit back and enjoy!
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The rules are here. If you have any problem, a suggestion, or want to affiliate, please page a mod here. Finally, the tags can be found here.
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We discuss a set of THREE episodes every Wednesday. One post per episode, you are welcome to watch and join in whenever you like. SPOILERS FOR ALL 7 SEASONS ARE ALLOWED EVERYWHERE ON THE COMM - please take note of that.
August 11: 1x01 Pilot, 1x02 The Lorelais' First Day at Chilton and 1x03 Kill Me Now
August 18: 1x04 The Deer Hunters, 1x05 Cinnamon's Wake and 1x06 Rory's Birthday Parties
August 25: 1x07 Kiss and Tell, 1x08 Love and War and Snow and 1x09 Rory's Dance
September 1: 1x10 Forgiveness and Stuff, 1x11 Paris is Burning and 1x12 Double Date
September 8: 1x13 Concertus Interruptus, 1x14 That Damn Donna Reed and 1x15 Christopher Returns

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