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1. Respect one another. That means no shipping wars and no personal attacks. You may discuss anything, including couples and how they work or don't work, but please if you can't keep it calm and courteous, leave the conversation. 

2. Respect the show and the actors and actresses. Saying you think this person's acting is over the top in this episode is fine. 'HE SUCKS!' is not.

3. If you feel attacked or if you see something that's getting out of hand, please please please PAGE A MOD. We are here and we'll do everything to stop drama from happening but warning us when you don't feel comfortable allows us to make this a safer community for you.

 It should go without saying - no misogynistic, homophobic, transphobic, racist or ableist comments. You will be banned without warning. We have a zero tolerance policy on these topics. If you suffer from such attacks, please come to us immediately: we'll always be on your side.

 Joining the community means you accept these rules. If you don't respect these rules, you will be banned.
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